Changzhou Fengneng drying Engineering Technology Co,.Ltd., with the most assured of the products and the most intimate service, which is not only the promise of a dry and dry for all customers, but also Fengneng drying be strict demands on their own.

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  • Inner Mongoli...

    Application client : XX chemical co., LTD in Inner Mongolia
    Material :modified starch
    Selection of products: vibrating fluidized bed
    The cus...
  • Hunan XX Biot...

    Application client : hunan province XX biological technology co., LTD
    Material :essence, spice, chicken powder
    Selection of products: spray drier
    The cus...
  • Hebei shijiaz...

    Application client : Hebei shijiazhuang XX co., LTD
    Material :precipitated barium sulfate
    Selection of products: flash dryer
    The cus...
  • Fushun XX foo...

    Application client : Fushun XX food co., LTD
    Material :bone soup, broth
    Selection of products: spray drier
    The cus...
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